Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari The foundation of the current Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari business has been laid in 1994, when Asigurari "Ion Tiriac" SA (ASIT) was founded. Starting from scratch, the company inched its way quickly toward the top of the private insurance operators’ hierarchy.
Asirom For over 20 years, ASIROM has been the traditional insurance company of Romanians, offering them the safety and comfort they needed, while permanently setting the trends of the local insurance market.
Generali Two centuries of experience in financial and insurance services can offer the certitude that Generali guarantees the optimum protection for you and your possessions.
Groupama Groupama, a multinational French company, consolidated its presence in Romania through the purchase of three companies. The basic guiding principles of Groupama are Proximity, Responsibility and Solidarity.
Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group, majority shareholder of OMNIASIG and of BCR Asigurari, decided to merge the two companies in order to create the most powerful and larger insurance company in Romania: OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group.
Uniqa UNIQA Asigurari became member of UNIQA Group Austria, along with the taking-over at the end of 2008 of UNITA company, the first privately owned company in Romania.
Euroins A tradition whose beginnings date back to 1994, Euroins represents now on the Romanian insurance market a notable presence that combines the social dimension of the insurance sale process with the human dimension.
Gothaer With an experience of almost 200 years in the insurance domain, Gothaer is the insurer chosen by more than 3.5 million clients, managing an assets portfolio of over 22 billion euros.
Certasig CertAsig is a specialized non-life insurance company headquartered in Romania. Our business plan is centered on the SME segment with sales through the brokerage companies.
ABC Asigurari One of the objectives of ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A. is to be the trustworthy insurer of the construction-assembly companies that operate in Romania, providing insurance services at competitive prices and developing mutually lucrative partnerships.
Mondial Assistance We are here to reassure you that you will benefit from our assistance of leader in travel insurance and personnel services anytime, anywhere … thanks to our inexorable commitment to quality in everything we do.
City Insurance With an experience of 15 years in the field, City Insurance makes available to its clients a complete range of flexible and high-performance insurances. The products of the company are created and tailored to meet the needs of its clients.
Signal Iduna SIGNAL IDUNA Group was formed in 1999 through the merger of two companies with an experience of over 100 years. On the Romanian market, it has been active since 2008 offering compete packages of health, life and accident insurances.
Eureko Eureko Asigurari is one of the most innovating insurance companies in Romania, providing a compete range of life and health insurances. We have been offering health insurances and private medical services since 2005.
AIG AIG is a leading international insurance organization, with clients in over 130 countries and jurisdictions. AIG companies serve commercial, institutional and private clients through one of the most globally extended network of insurances.
Asito Kapital The principles that define us in our relationship with the clients are professionalism, flexibility, operability, transparency, innovation and, most importantly, the care for the clients. We were founded in July 1998 under Lukoil umbrella.
Credit Europe Credit Europe Asigurari has been authorized to carry out general insurance activities in Romania as of July 9th 2007. Our mission is to provide customized insurance services and products easy to use and to deliver.
Exim Asigurari EXIM Romania Insurance and Reinsurance Company was founded as a professional entity, specialized in the insurance of financial risks, for export operations as well as for internal commercial operations.
Metropolitan With over 145 years of experience, the companies MetLife – Metropolitan Life Insurance Company are an innovating leader renowned for the protection and retirement plans as well as for the savings solutions provided worldwide.
grawe Grawe România is part of the international financial Group Grawe, benefiting from the experience of more than 180 years of this group. Our long-lasting tradition in the insurance domain allowed us to build a diversified portfolio of clients.
Garanta The commitment of GARANTA company toward its clients is a long-term one and its efforts focus on providing modern products and high-quality services that meet the most diversified insurance needs.
Lutz Top Austrian broker, specialized in CMR solutions for international carriers.